You can opt to have your order sent directly to Seaton Post Office.

Next time you’re ordering on Amazon, look out for the Local Collect option when reviewing your order during the checkout process. Your item will be sent to us for you to pick up, and it’s free for Prime customers.

You’re free to pick up your item whenever you’re ready within an 18 day timeframe. After that, your item will be sent back to the retailer.

Return unwanted items

The Post Office makes returning unwanted items quick, simple and safe. At Seaton Post Office we can accept your returns whenever the shop is open, including Sundays. Lots of items are free to return. If you have a QR code for us to scan, we can print you a returns label. If you have to pay, prices start from £3.35 for a 2nd class small parcel and it costs an extra £1.10 to get confirmation of delivery with a signature.

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