Seaton Post Office are pleased to announce that as from 1st February we are able to issue International Driving Permits.

What’s an International Driving Permit?

The International Driving Permit is often called an IDP. Once you’ve got your International Driving Permit you will usually be able to drive in most countries overseas, just make sure you also have your full UK licence with you.

It’s required or recommended in over 140 countries – including the USA, Brazil and Hong Kong.

 In some countries its a legal requirement to enable you to drive, while in other countries it may be a compulsory requirement by car hire companies.

EU & Brexit

Presently your driving licence is valid in the EU. As long as you hold a UK licence, you can drive for both work and leisure purposes throughout the EU without other documents.

If you move to another EU country to live you can exchange UK licences issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland, for a driving licence from your new home country.

You do not need to re-sit your driving test.

After March 2019 if there’s no Brexit deal

Your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the EU. You may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in the EU.

If you move to another EU country to live, you may not be able to exchange your licence after the UK has left the EU.

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